Powerful, easy to use .Net microformats parser

UfXtract is an API that extracts microformats from web pages, HTML fragments or HTML files. It can output the results in JSON, XML or text. There is JSON-P support for use with JavaScript. You can also download the .Net code from GitHub.

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Example API call


API parameters

The address of the web page containing the microformats
A piece of HTML containing the microformats. This can be a fragment of HTML.
A HTML file or zipped HTML file containing microformats. In zipped files name of the HTML document should be index.html. You can must use a Form POST to send a file.
The URL of any HTML fragment. Is used to resolve relative path information.
The type of microformat you want to parse. This can be a single microformat name or a comma delimited list of names. The currently supported names are: hcard, xfn, hreview, hcalendar, hatom, hresume, geo, adr, tag, nofollow, license, directory, home, enclosure, votelinks, test-suite and test-fixure.
The type of output ie xml, json or text
A JSON-P function name to wrap the data in. Only works when the output is set to JSON
Returns a summary of parsing information

Example JSON output

A single hCard on a page would return output as in the example below. The format is based on ufJson documented on the microformats wiki. The API compresses the JSON output removing all spaces and returns. If you would like a more readable layout try using the Javascript beautifier.

    "microformats": {
        "vcard": [{
            "fn": "Tantek",
            "nickname": ["Tantek"],
            "photo": ["http:\/\/www.gravatar.com\/avatar\/02cd45622e90350cc061aaaa02229195?s=16&d=http:\/\/www.gravatar.com\/avatar\/ad516503a11cd5ca435acc9bb6523536?s=16&r=PG"],
            "url": ["http:\/\/tantek.com\/"]


UfXtract has very simple in built error reporting. Below is an example of calling the API with an empty URL.

    "microformats": {
        "errors": [{
            "msg": "Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.",
            "url": "http:\/\/"

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